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Hospital Donostia"s Hematology Services

The Hematology Services offered at Hospital Donostia, Guipuzcoa’s main treatment center for congenital bleeding disorders, provide patients with comprehensive care for any coagulopathic problems.

Protocol for early action

Recently diagnosed patients: When there exists the possibility the illness has been transmitted or when a carrier wishes to get tested, Hematology orders the appropriate diagnostic test from the hospital’s Genetics Unit. Once the analysis has been completed, a meeting is held with the affected person to inform them about the disease’s characteristics as well as the likelihood of having contracted it. In addition, the supervising physician informs patients of the Psychology Services offered to all hemophiliacs by the Hemophilia Association of Guipuzcoa.

Bleeding episodes: Whenever a hemophilic individual seeks treatment for hemarthrosis or any other type of bleeding, they are given the appropriate amount of clotting factor in order to stop the bleeding. If the hematologist is able to rule out other associated pathologies, the patient is referred to the corresponding hospital service, be it Hematology or another department, so that the problem can be handled until the patient has fully recovered.

Watching the illness: as long as there are no complications associated with the bleeding disorder, the patient will be considered a healthy and treated as such. Interdepartmental communication: the very nature of this illness demands there be a strong working relationship with the other hospital departments.

Multidisciplinarity: The hospital’s Hematology and Rehabilitation Services Departments, along with the supervising physician of the Hemophilia Association’s Psychology Services, carry out periodic check-ups on patients in an effort to provide them with the best care possible.