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Medical aspects : Hospital at home

Hospital at Home Service at Donostia Hospital is integrated by:

The objective of the HAH Service is to offer hospital care at the patient’s home.

Doctors and nurses offering an integrated action during the helping process, either in the moment or in temporary basis, integrate it.

The activity of this service is centred in the post-surgical immediate following of pathologies in need of complex cures or intense or continuous clinical controls.

Program of several intravenous treatments at home, such us Antibiotic Treatment.

Program of red corpuscle concentrate transfusion at home.

Program of hepatic post-transplant following. Program of deep venous thrombosis treatment and following.

Attention to dying patients needing complex palliative care at home.

The inclusion in these programs is done following, in each case, a consensus admission with its origin hospital service criteria, through inter-consultation.

The basic criteria are:

  1. Medical advice by inter-consultation
  2. Need to continue the specialized assistance from the hospital
  3. Acceptance - Informed Consent by patient and/or family
  4. Geographic accessibility
  5. Hospital at Home (HAH) availability.