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News of interest

The agreement between the Basque Government and the Basque Haemophilia Society is a fact

The reference Hospitals for haemophiliacs in the Basque Country are using recombinant Factor without problems. People affected by Heamophilia can use Recombinant Factor VIII and IX of the highest quality.

The Basque Government has already given compensations to people affected by haemophilia/vWillebrand

In December 2007, people affected by haemophilia in the Basque Country have received compensations for being infected by the virus of the hepatitis C because of treatments with coagulation factors concentrates in the public sanitary system in the Basque Country.

Due to the agreement between the Basque Government and the Haemophilia Basque Society

In the Basque country any carrier of haemophilia can benefit from pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.