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Medical aspects : Oral and maxillofacial

Donostia Hospital"s Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Service is integrated by:

The haemophiliacs’ surgical treatment is done altogether with the Haematologist Service: surgical extraction of teeth, oral mucous injury extirpation, biopsy (diagnostics by tissue taking); really the most part of surgical proceedings used.

Dental extraction surgery

It should not take dental surgery extractions lightly; it should be considered the last option. Provided that a conservative dental treatment can be done, it is preferable.

Before a surgery treatment is done, the Haematology Service examines the haemophiliacs. Depending on the severity, the haemophilia type and the value of blood coagulation factor, a prophylactic treatment will be needed. The extraction will be done with local anaesthesia, minimizing as much as possible the surgery trauma.

As bleeding post-surgical prevention local haemostatics will be used. The main risk is the bleeding and the post-surgical haematoma.

Recommendations after the extraction:

  • -Avoid to rinse out one’s mouth the first 24 hours
  • Local ice to minimize the inflammation
  • Take a liquid diet the first 24 hours and a soft diet the following days
  • First 24 hours after NO dental brush on the operated area
  • Sleep with bed head incorporated
  • Pharmacological treatment
  • In case of bleeding compress with a cotton or a gauze on the operated area for one hour. If it does not stop make contact with emergency room.

Caries Treatment

A Stomatologist or Odontologist must do it, as well as revisions as recommended by the professional.

Periodontal Treatment

The periodontal treatment base in a person affected with haemophilia is determinate by a prevention program based on dental hygiene dairy control as well as an Odontologist and Stomatologist control.

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