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Pshychopedagical and social area: Fields of working

Pedagogical management and attention

  • Information and orientation for the schools with children living with haemophilia/vWillebrand.

  • Psychopedagogical diagnosis.

  • Collaboration with teachers, psychologists and social workers to achieve pedagogical actions.

  • Following and help to children"s education needs: private lessons, hospital School, etc.

  • Vocational and professional orientation.

  • To spread of informative material (interesting reports and publications).

  • To encourage education through free time activities.

  • Taking part in congresses and meetings.

  • Assisting to formation courses, retraining people implicated in the maintenance and development of the Psycho-pedagogical Service.
In the daily practice at the Psycho-pedagogical Service it"s difficult to separate the psychological and pedagogical attention: on one hand, there are interviews with a high educational content, focused on prevention and self care. On the other hand, there are interventions with a high philosophical and pedagogical content specially used when people are dying.
Psycho-pedagogical attention at home: one of the most powerful reasons that moved the partners of ASHEGUI to create the Psycho-pedagogical Service was the tragedy lived in those years in the haemophilia community. They had to respond to it, so they saw that a Service was needed, therefore they decide to attend the collective by a different approach than the strictly medical.
During the last years, this kind of attention has changed the most. Since it is related to the HIV and Hepatitis C virus tragedy. Because of this, affected people had to stay in bed for many years and the Service was due to give psycho-pedagogical attention at home.

Interventions at home evolution graphic